Monday, September 29, 2008

22 Weeks: A Trip to the Zoo

BT's first trip to the zoo was yesterday and she couldn't even enjoy it! Baby's First Philanthropy was the walk at the Philadelphia Zoo for the National Kidney Foundation. Phi Sigs were out in force to support the event and it was a really fun day.

In completely other news, today is our first wedding anniversary!! This means that it was one year ago today that Ed and I took our vows to each other... and it also means we can finally get the year old cake out of our freezer. We plan to celebrate on Saturday night, but I explained to him that we each have to have at least a bite of ancient cake tonight or our marriage is destined to ruin. Either he believes in the tradition or he's afraid of questioning his hormonal, pregnant wife. But, either way, he agreed to chow down tonight.


Jessica said...

Happy anniversary! And thanks for braving the rain to save kidneys at the Zoo. Philanthropy starts in the womb!

Heather and Ed and Baby to Be said...

At least with this kid, it will! Next, we crew the 3-Day! LOL

Thanks, Jess!!