Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chloe Post: On Turning 4 Years Old

 Chloe: I've seen much these last years.  I once saw snow on Halloween.  I saw my gentle existence shattered by the addition of a very loud little creature who know outweighs me.  I have seen water coming through my ceiling as if I were standing directly under the heavens themselves.  I have seen much; I have done much and I am just four years old.

Oh, when I think about the knowledge I have amassed in such a short time on this earth, I am stunned at how ignorant so many are around me.  Four People* are renowned for their insight, their grace, their fortitude.  I look forward to demonstrating my brilliance over the course of the next year to all of you willing followers.

But, in the meantime, I will recap my birthday party for you.  I know that's why you're here.

 I was so excited to see that Mommy had appropriately outfitted McKenna for my cheetah-themed birthday party and Grampa was pleased to pose with her as I took her picture.  I am unclear as to why I don't have a matching dress, but was sated with the cheetah-print shoes seen in photo 1.

 I was also thrilled that Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop honored my love of big cats with a bunch of cheetah books and this awesome tiger hat. Here I am, roaring, like I do.  Amber is a chipmunk and I don't know why she is roaring.

It was such a fun day and a fun weekend - Grams and Grampa came to visit for the long weekend and we had lots to do!  Fuzz and Jo Jo had us to dinner on Saturday night and Preggo inhaled dumplings as if it were her last meal on earth.  They came to my party with Mom-Mom Faust and Aunt Patty and we all had so much fun!

I wish they would move closer to us.  We have deer in Pennsylvania, you know.

In any case, thank you to all who made my birthday such a success!  It was really so cool and I loved seeing you all... and because you didn't eat enough cupcakes, the firefighters of Upper Darby thank you, too.  We hope that pink cupcakes made their MLK Day a little nicer yesterday.  

Peace Out,
Chloe aka Merida

*She means "people who are four."

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

CAKE: A Mommy Post

 Mommy: When Chloe turned one, I decided that I was going to be the cool Mom that made the cool cakes and that I was not going to buy cakes from the store.  I would meet every challenge.  I would be revered for my cakes.

I don't really bake that well.

But, what kind of a Mommy lets that stop her???  HUH??  I ASK YOU.

Yeah.  I need medication.

Anyway, on the one hand, I *hate* that I have started this expectation of myself.  Bakery cakes are YUMMY and professional looking and I.can.t.bake.

But, on the other, it's a fun game with Chloe at this point because the cake becomes the focal point of the party planning.  I don't spend crazy amounts on decor or party food.  If you come to one of our birthday parties, you get what you get and you don't get upset when it comes to the savory... I put all energy on the cake.

I thought that it would be all about cake pans.  Early efforts (Pooh, Elmo) were about the cake pans.  For Dora, I employed a little trick I learned at Pampered Chef parties.  But, then the Chloster started getting more and more difficult with her requests.  They do not make a Daisy Duck cake pan.  I think she was trying to test me.  But, I met that challenge: I free-handed that bitch, yo.

Amber wanted ducks, I made with a river.

And when Chloe said she wanted an Avengers party for her 4th birthday, I had a Capt. America shield all planned in my head.  I would do cupcakes on the side with little bought toppers and focus on my shield.  I would buy that new frosting powder stuff at the grocery store and EACH COLOR WOULD BE IT'S OWN FLAVOR.  I had a plan.

And then she announced that instead, she wanted a cheetah party.

Yeah.  They don't make that pan.

I was about to fold like a drunk on prom night and buy a cake, but then the internet came to my aid as it so often does.  Edible Cake Tattoos.   Never heard of 'em?  

That's cause you're not the Mistress of Birthday Cakes like I am.


Yeah, yeah, there will be adorable pictures of the kids back tomorrow.  In the meantime, bow down before my fuckin' cake.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Fashions

Chloe: Mommy wanted me to stand still so she could take a picture of me wearing my new outfit from JoJo, but I have trouble standing still.  Merida and I are excited for "show and tell" today so I'm feeling all ready to GO... even though I love this skirt - it's LACE.  I may never take it off.

Amber: Daddy and I wanted our picture taken today, too, even though I'm wearing a skirt from a thrift store and he's wearing the same fleece he's been in for a week.

Chloe: Well, we can't all be style mavens.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Almost 28 Weeks

 Chloe: Whoa, Mama!

Amber: Daddy took that picture on Sunday - she wasn't EVEN 28 weeks yet.

Chloe: That's why it's getting harder and harder to sit on her lap.

Amber: Yeah.  I was punching at her stomach the other day, trying to move things around and Kyra KICKED ME.  She better watch out when she gets out.

Chloe: Great.  That's what I need.  Two of you.

Amber: What?

Chloe: Nothing.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Continued...

 Chloe: We got multiple Christmases... after the woods, we came home and had a great Christmas dinner with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop.  Mommy did a great job prepping a really yummy meal and we wore these great dresses from Aunt Diane.

 Amber: It was so much fun to see them!  We need to have more dinners with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop - it's one of our 2013 resolutions!

Chloe: By Sunday, Mommy was too tired for more pictures, so you'll just have to believe us that we had a whole lot of fun on our THIRD Christmas with JoJo, Fuzz, Sam, Scott, and PattyAnne.  Whew, are we lucky girls!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


 Chloe: I was really sad to leave North Carolina and Grams and Grampa.  I kept saying, "bye, the woods!  It was the best Christmas ever!"  Grams made me feel better by reminding me that she and Grampa would be visiting us soon for my birthday.  I was also comforted to come home to some snow on Saturday!

 Amber: This is INSANE.  It is SNOWING FROM THE SKY.  WHAT?!

Chloe: You don't remember snow?

Amber: No, I thought it was just in movies and stuff.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Children's Museum

 Chloe: Here I am, all prepped to hit up the Children's Museum in Rutherfordton.  It was a great outing - I didn't want to leave!  Mommy and Daddy couldn't believe that it was only $5 per person!  (Hear that, Please Touch?)

 Chloe: Grams and I loved driving the fire truck...

 Amber:...and we all loved shopping at the grocery store.

 Chloe: Grams had fun chasing us around the whole museum, but we let her have a break when we got to the cafe.

Amber: Yeah, we finally cooked for her!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Day

 Chloe: Santa came, Santa came!

 Amber: This rules!

 Chloe: Barbies and McKenna!

 Amber: My baby!  Not yours!

 Chloe: What a great day - so exciting!!!  We capped it off wearing our new outfits from Grams, enjoying Christmas dinner by faux candlelight.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chillin' in the Cabin

 Amber: We had so much fun hanging out in the cabin with Grams and Grampa.  Grams set us up with our own little table and let us borrow all her Christmas hats.

 Chloe: They must really dig hats, because Grampa loaned us some, too... his were more "cowboy" then "Christmas," though.

 Amber: Grampa has cool stuff - I especially like this chair.

Chloe: And here we are, earning our keep, helping Grams tear up bread for stuffing!

Amber: No one will notice if I steal a little sample...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Feeding the (rein)Deer

 Chloe: This week, we'll be sharing photos from the recent holidays.  We had a terrific Christmas season and enjoyed visiting Grams and Grampa in the woods, having yummy meals with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop, and JoJo, Fuzz, Sam, Scott, and PattyAnne and much more!

 Chloe: First up, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite activities from the woods: feeding the deer.

 Amber: These piglet deer needed to be fed multiple times a day, and I totally appreciate how they feel.

Chloe: We really liked helping Grampa put out the corn and then watching for the deer to show up and enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Mommy said that maybe Santa would park the sleigh on ground instead of the roof so the reindeer could enjoy some corn as well.  That Mommy!  Always thinking!