Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kyra and Grams

Kyra: Between Amber's dance class and Chloe's birthday parties, we had a pretty busy weekend.  I spent most of my time trying to sneak past this lady and crawl up the steps.  She was pretty vigilant, though.  Curses!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Amber: Here I am, back again with some great ballet shots!  I am getting really good at walking on my tip toes!

I like to watch myself in the mirror to make sure I'm capturing the essence of each move...

...but my best thing is walking on tip toes.

This is what true grace looks like.

I am not a traditionalist and prefer to kick with whatever leg most needs a kick, rather than the one everyone else is using.

I also prefer to stay with this teacher. 

Here I am, learning the technique from my most recent lesson.

And here I am, finally getting away from my teacher and dancing with a new friend.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Life as a Five Year Old

Chloe: Wow!  Life as a 5 year old has its advantages... like multiple parties!  On Friday, I brought ice pops to school for all my friends and yesterday, I got to have two parties!

I selected the Olympics as my theme, so for my friends party at the craft store, Mommy ordered a red, white, and blue cupcake cake and made this Olympic torch.  My friends got treat bags which included gummy bracelets in the colors of the Olympic rings, plus a lot of other great stuff!

We started off with some coloring...

...and then moved on to making Perler bead crafts.

I was so happy to spend some time with my friends!

I haven't seen Lexi in so long - it was great to see her!  It's also hard to catch up with Joy and Julianna since we're not doing dance anymore, so I was really glad they came.  And Michael was a great sport being the only boy.

When it was time to sing, my friends sang over the loud speaker so everyone in the store knew it was my birthday.

We had a great time!

Then, it was time to head home for my next party with our family.

Mommy made me this awesome cake!

Amber helped me blow out my candles.

Here I am, ready for school this morning, all set to show off this awesome Barbie shirt that Julianna gave me.  Mommy said that I am "Barbie Stuff Girl, the president of Barbie Stuff World."

And here's the picture of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker that Michael made for me.  We're buds.
Thanks, everyone for celebrating my birthday with me!  It was a great day and I am so thankful for all my wonderful gifts!!  Love you!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

At Long Last: Food!

Kyra: So, they are finally letting me have some real food.  I'm ready.  I've BEEN ready.  It's about time.

Ahh!  Blueberries!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Amber: The Art of the Dance

Amber: Finally, after years and years of waiting, finally!  It's my time.  You have to be three years old to get out of the wings and on to the dance floor and it's finally my turn!  Back it up, Chlo Chlo - I'm dancing here.

Mommy bought me all new dance clothes, new ballet slippers (BETTER ones than what Chloe had) AND a real ballet dancer bag.  With polka dots on it!

After I finally stopped crying and screaming for my Mommy, I was the best student.  Some of my contemporaries were running around the room or twirling when it was not time to be twirling.

My concentration was like a laser beam.

I was poised like a panther... a sponge, I soaked up every single instruction!

And during free dance time, I made this teacher twirl me.  I'm shy.

At the end, we gave ourselves hugs and said, "I am a beautiful dancer!" and then we got our stickers for being good listeners.
This was awesome!  Next week, we're going to try for less crying.  I can't wait!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Santa Came, Santa Came!

Amber: OH MY GOD


Happy Holidays from Smithville!

Chloe: The day after our pageant, Mommy and Grams took us to Smithville to see the sights!
Amber: My favorite was the train!

Chloe: I liked the talking Christmas tree.

Kyra: I enjoyed sitting in my car seat and playing with my Piglet toy.

Amber: We also loved the Merry Go Round!  We took turns riding the reindeer!

Kyra: Piglet.

Chloe: We had lunch by the lake and then...

Amber: I bravely entered Mrs. Claus's cottage where we heard a story.
Kyra: Piglet, napping, peed all over myself.