Monday, June 25, 2012

New Dresses!

 Amber: Like we said last time, we got a bunch of new dresses last week at the beach.  

Chloe: Yup.  Mommy got us these red dresses.  I picked out the flag dress for myself and she got Elmo for you.

Amber: I simply adore Elmo.  He has such je ne sais quoi.

Chloe (stares): Sure.

Amber (nods, smiles).

 Chloe: Anyway, Aunt Diane also bought us each TWO new dresses!  We got a set that coordinates in hot pink and another set that coordinates in peach.

 Amber: Mommy said the other set is too fancy to wear to school, but she said we could wear these.  I am so happy!

 Chloe: Yeah, these outfits are rockin'.

Amber: I look freakin' hot with this bow.  Look out, sister, the Kit-Kat is coming to steal your crown. Oh, yeah, Princess.  BRING IT.  BRING IT.

Chloe: Dresses bring out an alarming side of you.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Beach!

 Chloe: We had a great time last weekend at the beach with Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Diane and Uncle John!

Amber: We really did - I can't wait to go back!

 Amber: I'm going to eat more sand when no one is looking!

Chloe: Rebel.

Amber: I know.

 Chloe: We were lucky to go when we did because it was Skimmer Weekend in Sea Isle City.  They had cool inflatables for kids, lots of vendors (i.e. lots of new dresses) and a lot of neat stuff.

 Chloe: I made a sand sculpture dinosaur, "T-Rex Chloe."

 Amber: I liked wearing Mommy's sunglasses and dancing to the band.

 Amber: It was so much fun that I even fell asleep in the wagon!

 Chloe: We cleaned up and then spent some time on Aunt Diane's new deck. Daddy read us a Superman comic and then after dinner, we had to go to bed...

Amber:...So we could have more fun on Father's Day - we went out for breakfast, saw classic cars on the promenade, went to the arcade and played on the playground.

Chloe: So fun - I can't wait to go back!

Amber: Hey, off-topic, but did you hear that Mommy wrote a book about us?

Chloe: Yeah - she had better buy us some toys with the royalties.

Amber: That, or send us to college.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Spring Show

 Chloe: So, last week was the spring show at school and neither of us apparently felt like singing.

Amber: I found the whole thing pedantic.

 Chloe: Well, I am a little disappointed in myself.  I was all ready, knew the song, knew the moves... and then I froze when I saw all those people.

Amber: Well, the whole thing makes no sense.  They tell our mother to come to the show and then there she is, but they expect me to not want to sit with her?  What was she doing there then?

Chloe: She was there to hear us sing.

Amber: She was probably disappointed then, that she just got pictures of us standing still.  I mean, we could have done that at home and she could have been on time to work.

Chloe: She's never on time to work.

Amber: You know what I mean.

 Chloe: Yeah.  The snacks were good, though.

Amber: Definitely the best part.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Crazy Hair Day

Amber: Here we are, celebrating Crazy Hair Day... or in my sister's case, Sassy Pants Complainer Day.

But, then, that's every day.

Chloe (in the other room): What did you say?

Amber: Nothing, darling, carry on.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Oxygen for Mommy and Daddy, Popsicles for Rotten Children

 Chloe: So, what was all that on Saturday?

Amber: I don't know.

Chloe: What do you mean, you don't know?  We had to abruptly stop shopping to take you to the emergency room!

Amber: Yeah.  Weird, right?

Chloe: YES.  So, I say again, WHAT HAPPENED?

Amber: Stop badgering me; I don't know.  We were in the cart at Target, Mommy took a corner too sharply or something and then a little while later, she looked at my ankle and started mad trippin' yo.

Chloe: Well, your ankle looked horrible.  

Amber: I guess.  This is like the time when I was a baby and a bee flew into my high chair and stung me and she all freaked out and called the nurse and when the nurse heard me giggling in the background, they prescribed HER with a sedative.

Chloe: The nurse did not do that!

Amber: Well, she should have.  Much ado about nothing.

 Chloe: At least they gave us popsicles.

Amber: Indeed.


Note from Mommy: Oh, my my.  I swear, the kid made NO SOUND... all of a sudden, she had cuts on her ankle and the whole thing started swelling like crazy.  We're thinking fractures and baby boots and x-rays... and so was the nurse who told us to go to the ER prontinto.  Yeah.  45 minutes later and the swelling was almost completely gone and Amber kept looking at us like we were high.

So, for those who are playing along at home, that's 3 trips to the ER in 4 months.  

Good times.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh, She's Too Stinkin' Cute

And just in case these pictures aren't cute enough:

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ballerina Girl

 Chloe: I can hardly believe that I've been taking dance classes since January!  The time has flown by and I've been having so much fun.  I was really excited to have my first recital last weekend and to see so many people in the audience cheering me on.  It was such a fun time and to congratulate me for all my hard work, Mommy and Daddy gave me a really pretty ballerina necklace.  When you work hard and practice, you get jewelry!

Take a look at some of my favorite pictures from the big event!

Here I am with my #1 Fan!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reporting in from the Please Touch Museum

 Chloe: Next up on our adventures with Grams and Grampa was an outing to the Please Touch Museum.

 Amber: I can't believe how much stuff we saw that we didn't see last time!  We got to do grocery shopping...

 Chloe: We took care of babies at Children's Hospital... we went in this huge train room...

 Amber: Plus, we saw some of the other favorites from last time like the fairy tale area.

 Amber: This boat was cool because it went up and down when I turned the steering wheel.

Chloe: I didn't like that part.

Amber: Wuss.

 Chloe (glares).

 Chloe: I also really liked riding this horse which I named Maximus. 

Amber: I didn't dig this at.all.

Chloe: Wuss.

Amber (glares): No, I just agree with Daddy - we shouldn't have to pay extra for the carousel. I just sat with Grams in the little bench, getting dizzy, thinking about how dismayed our poor father would be to know that Mommy ponied up (see what I did there) the six bucks for us to ride this carousel.

Chloe: Daddy kiss up.

Amber: Look, you want a piece of me?

Chloe: Oh, let's move on.  What else did you like?

Amber: Well, I think we both enjoyed the water exhibit again - I especially liked the ducks.  So, I was totally stoked when Mommy bought me this:

 Amber (reverently): It is the best duck I have ever seen in my life!  Grampa tried to "help" me by carrying it out to the car, but I was on to him.  I was like "back up, old man!"

Chloe: Did you say that?

Amber: No, but I gave him the glare.  He knew what I meant.

Chloe: I liked it when you flopped down in the middle of the parking lot to just stare at the duck in all its wonder.

Amber: It really is a beautiful duck... Sigh... What did you get?

Chloe: Tayta Head.  It's really cool.  They had a whole display of them there and I really liked the Spider-Man one but that one wasn't for sale so I got this one which is a girl like me.  It is so awesome.

Amber: You lost me at "tayta."  It's a what now?

Chloe: Tayta head.

Amber: It's like you are speaking a different language.  You know what I got?  A DUCK.  Easy to understand.  Clear to everyone.  Such a beautiful duck.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Recap: Visit to the Zoo

 Amber: We had a great time visiting the Philadelphia Zoo last week with Mommy, Grams, Grampa, Aunt JoJo and Uncle Fuzz!

Chloe: We sure did - I loved finding these silly little things to put my face in... like this one in the Rare Mammal House.  What a cute little monkey!

 Amber: I can see the resemblance.

 Chloe: We also saw lots of great animals.  Mommy said she was happy that the turtles were not being inappropriate as they typically are.

Amber: I don't know what that means.

Chloe: Me neither.

 Amber: We also stopped a lot for snacks and so Princess could get her face painted.  I prefer natural beauty.

 Chloe: Whatevs.  I had a great time.  I told the lady that I wanted to be Spiderman, but purple.  She was more than happy to oblige.

 Chloe: See?  I look ready to save the day!

 Chloe: Amber, they will save the popcorn for you - I promise.  Look at Mommy for the picture... look... sigh.

 Amber: I'm still hungry.

Chloe: You could wait until they cut it for you.

Amber: Nah, I'm low maintenance.

 Amber: (One of us should be)

 Chloe: What did you say?

 Amber: Nothing, dear. 

 Chloe: Look it's the Lorax!  

Amber: Spiderman and the Lorax.  That's a new one.

Chloe: Yup - I'm full of surprises.

Amber: That you are.