Friday, March 6, 2015

Amber: On School Lessons

Mommy: Amber, what did you do at school today?

Amber: I just did my work and stuff.

Mommy: What did you do?

Amber: Worked on words.

Mommy: Any good words, like caterpillar?

Amber (looking from side to side nervously and whispering): Mommy, let's not talk about the words because they are inappropriate.

Mommy: What words could you have been writing that were inappropriate?

Amber (seriously): Poopie, butt...  Peepee.

Mommy (hysterically laughing and trying to breathe): Miss Kerri did NOT have you write poopie and butt and peepee.

Amber (vigorously nodding).

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Kyra: On Getting Dressed

Kyra: Puppy. Ow-fit. Puppy. Wear it. Puppy. Woof-woof.

(A note from Mommy: Hey, man.  I said that the posts would be authentically their voices.  I didn't promise Shakespeare.)

Monday, March 2, 2015

A New Direction for a Philly Family

A note from Mommy:

As you can tell, it's been some time since I have updated this blog, which I once updated quite a bit.  Two things have happened which have kept me away:

1) I finally embraced the current decade and got a smart phone.  Now, I can upload the photos I take to Facebook as soon as I take them and I have found that EVERYONE is on the Facebook.

2) Another issue is related to these kids of mine.  I once took a great deal of fun (and hopefully, you then had a great deal of fun) developing voices for Chloe, Amber, and Kyra.  I imagined Chloe as the gal on the go with Amber as the sassy foil and Kyra the monkey in the works of everything either tried. 

But, they are getting older now.  And while Kyra IS often the monkey in the works of whatever they are trying to do, all three of them are developing their own voices... and it feels wrong to invent fake voices for them.  So I'm going to stop doing that. 

However, I don't want to walk away from this blog entirely (as I have for several months).  I have some new ideas... some ideas to bring those unique voices to the forefront of this blog.

Stay tuned.