Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Party Captions by Chloe and Amber

 Chloe: We had such a wonderful time at the birthday party for baby Sophia on Saturday!  Her mommy, Miss Brenda, had games and toys and tons of snacks.  It was really terrific!

Amber: It sure was -- did you see the tower of desserts?

Chloe: I was busy with the water slide.

Amber: Yeah, it was all super cool.  Read on for some of our captions from our favorite photos of the day.

 "Love Spurned"

Amber: I love this kid.  That is why I chased him around the party and showed my affection in the best possible way: I offered him yummy things to eat.  He spurned my hot dog, my cupcake and my juice box.  I will fight the desire to dive into a bowl of Ben & Jerry's and turn on a chick flick.

 "Slip-Slidin' Away"

Chloe: This was freakin' awesome.  I want one of these down our stairs at home.

 "Bold Move"

Chloe: I.am.going.to.get.Daddy.

 "Don't You Do It"

Chloe: Watch me.

 "Oh, it's On."

Mommy: Chloe, RUN.

"Too Late."

Monday, July 23, 2012

Chloe's Dance Class from Amber's Perspective

  Amber: Last week, I went with Mommy to Chloe's dance class. I am a wonderful dancer, but they wouldn't let me in.  So, I stood at the door and screamed, "CHLO-CHLO!" and let Mommy take these silly pictures.

 Finally!  I was allowed in just to "watch."  But, I couldn't contain myself!

 Have to dance!

 Chloe was dancing with feathers and she was nice enough to share one with me.

 They didn't give me a sticker afterward, though, which is ass.

But, I had fun anyway.

Monday, July 9, 2012

What a Fun Weekend!

 Amber: Wow, we were busy this weekend!

Chloe: We were!  We finally got to meet Uncle Min and his fiance, Jin.

Amber: It was funny how you thought we were meeting Beyonce because you didn't understand the word, "fiance."  Mommy and I laughed about that for hours.

Chloe (glares): ANYWAY...

 Chloe: ...it was a lot of fun - we went with them for brunch and then Mommy and I went to the Mud Room and painted pottery, which was SO cool.

Amber: Where was I?

Chloe: Napping with Daddy.

Amber (musing): Ah.  I do adore a good nap.

Chloe: Yeah, well, Mommy painted a duck for you since you didn't come with us.

Amber: A duck!  So thoughtful!  

Chloe: Yeah, then we got to go visit Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop while Mommy and Daddy went out for dinner with Min and Jin again.

Amber: I love the rhyming.  They should totally have a comedy hour.

Chloe: Sure. ANYWAY... we got yummy food with M-M and P-P and played games and watched Tangled.  It was so cool!

 Amber: And then yesterday, we got to go to the pool!  I love the pool!!

 Chloe: I can tell by the way you are screaming in Aunt Patty's face.

Amber: Well, I don't like it when they sneak up behind us and steal us from our mother.

Chloe: They said she only has two hands or something.

Amber: Yeah.  And two kids - you do the math - it's fine!

Chloe: I noticed you were fine with it if they provided you a pop.

Amber: That's different.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


 Amber: Ducks are the best animals ev-ah.  In fact, when I see any bird, I quack at it because I know it wishes that it were a duck.  I love tiny rubber duckies for the bath tub, my big Duck that Mommy got at the Please Touch Museum and now I love my water play cover up which allows me to BE.A.DUCK.


This is SO ME that Princess doesn't even try to steal it.  It just screams, "AMBER."

I rule.

 Amber: One thing I should mention is that unlike ducks, I cannot fly... which explains the shiner, scratched nose and bitten lip I sustained whilst* jumping on the bed.



Chloe: Whilst?

Amber: This is my post; I'll say what I want.  Besides, Mommy isn't the only literary one.

Back to the Beach!

 Chloe: Thanks to Aunt Diane and Uncle John for having us back at the beach last weekend - it was a great way to get ready for the 4th!

Amber: We had a great time.  I was angling for Racer 5 IPA behind me, but sadly, that didn't work out.

 Chloe: True, but we got to play a lot and eat yummy sandwiches from Aunt Diane and get ice cream...

 Amber: And nap.  Oh, I adore a good nap.

Amber: So relaxing.  It was a shame to go home, really.

Chloe: I agree.  That's why I waited until we pulled into our driveway to begin screaming and crying for my Diane.  Mondays suck.

Amber: Word.