Friday, December 31, 2010

Belated Christmas Pics

Amber may be new, but she knows how to get in good with the Fat Man.

Chloe's favorite was her new Dora kitchen... way to go, Santa!

The Red-Nosed Big Sister

This year's White Christmas dress (thank you, Aunt Diane)

Ok, so not everyone is a fan.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mommy Post: My Girls

Wow. I can't believe that my little one is a week old. I feel like the week just slipped away from me when I wasn't looking. Here she is on Sunday, her one week "birthday day" (in Chloe-speak). Look at her. She is the most precious thing. And (knock wood) so far, such a good baby! When my friend Candace first met Chloe, she said, "Uh-oh - this is a Sucker Baby... she'll sucker you right into more!" (It's worth noting that Candace hasn't seen a more grown-up Chloe throw a temper tantrum. LOL). But, I think I have two Sucker Babies.
Just look at her. You can just see how soft her hair is and how she looks so peaceful. She looks like her ultrasound - she really and truly does. So precious.

Wow again, because look at my Big Girl! She was inside me once. I can't even believe it. She has so quickly become her own person with her own opinions and her own thoughts that it's sometimes hard to remember that she once existed solely within my body. Look at her with her beautiful smile and perfect posture (so unlike Mommy) and her gorgeous curls. Can you believe that Ed and I made her?! Because I can't. It often feels to me that I went to one of those pricey doll stores and bought her.

You know, I posted the other day that it's hard being a Mommy to two girls (precious and perfect though they are), but so what? I'm in one of those moments when I think, "So f-in what? It's hard. Get over it... because it's the best thing you've ever done or will ever do in this life."

Of course, one is at day care and one is asleep.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Amber Post: I Like to Sleep

As far as I can figure, there's a Curvy One that calls herself "Mommy," a Non-Curvy One that calls himself "Daddy," and a Small Loud One that calls herself "Chloe." I like them all in their own way, but the Non-Curvy One has no pillows for me to sleep on and the Loud One does not really promote sleep. And at this stage of the game, I won't lie - the sleep is probably my favorite thing.

Then, on Saturday, two more showed up - a Tall One calling himself "Pop-Pop" and a Bubbly One calling herself "Mom-Mom."

Like the Curvy One, the Bubbly One also promotes good sleep. She can come back anytime.

The Bubbly One is also really smart - she knows that the Loud One can be tamed with presents:

That's it for me - I'm going back to sleep.

Chloe Post: Good God, It's Hard to Get Face Time Around Here

Man. I mean, yeah. She's cute. I get it. But, man. I am trying very hard to be a good girl and help Mommy and Daddy, but that kid needs something ALL.THE.TIME. And I need attention, too!

So, I was really happy that Mommy came sans Amber to my Christmas pageant on Friday. All the classes performed different songs and I was having a great time dancing to "Frosty the Snowman" and throwing my snow... and then I saw Mommy smiling at me and I stopped to say, "HI, MOMMY" so that everyone could see that she was there to support me. I was such a big girl and Mommy was so proud that I finished my dance and then went off with my class without crying for her. Unlike some of my fellow school mates who will remain nameless.

Do you see Miss Ashley there in the corner of the photo? Hee hee hee

Miss Mel and I love to dance together!

"Hi, Mommy!"

Victory! Our dance is complete!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mommy Post: Amber is One Week Old Today

Well, the camera cord is upstairs, the computer is upstairs, I am upstairs. The camera is downstairs. That's the perfect metaphor anyway. LOL

Amber Katherine is a week old today and we are all completely enchanted by her - even Chloe... except when she's throwing a fit because I don't have a shovel for her. Or throwing a fit because Ed and I canNOT handle another episode of anything from NickJr. Or throwing a fit because a piece of lint rolled across the floor. Or whatever.

I am totally addicted to both of my girls - I can't remember what it was like before we had Amber (or at least had the promise of her when I was pregnant), but I tell you this with all honesty:

This shit is harder than grad school.

And I just want to put that out there and say it because I don't think we say things like that enough. I am totally in love with both of them and cannot imagine my life differently. But, I cried 4 times on Wednesday. The good news, of course, is that I haven't cried since then. :-)

Seriously, it's a freakin' madhouse around here... but, we're all really happy amidst the chaos. And when I can finally coordinate the camera, cord, computer and blogger in the same room at the same time, I will upload more photos. But, let's be honest. It won't be today.

P.S. I baked about 8 dozen Christmas cookies yesterday and tackled holiday shopping at Acme today. I rule. Except when the lady asked me how I wanted the dried beef sliced and I told her I didn't care and she asked again (trying to be helpful and clarify) and I loudly declared, "I HAD A BABY A WEEK AGO. THEY WILL EAT WHAT I GIVE THEM."

heh. lol

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Amber's Arrival

Amber Katherine
Born Sunday, December 12, 2010, 2.38pm
7 lbs, 4 oz, 20 inches

I'm too tired to caption.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


The other day, Chloe found an elephant toy in her room from when she was little(r). It's a stuffed animal, made by Lamaze toy company and while it's fine for her to play with, it was developmentally designed for a younger kid. She liked it a lot when she was a baby, so maybe that's what drew her attention to it. Anyway, this morning, she was walking around with it and showing it to me and saying, "My elephant." I said, "Yes, Chloe, that is your elephant... hey, do you think you might share your elephant with Amber?"

C: "Yes, Mommy."

H: "That is so nice of you, Chloe! Sharing is nice."

Chloe then grabbed at my turtleneck and started pulling.

C: "Pull up, Mommy, pull up!"

(That is what she says when she wants to converse with Amber or give her a kiss or something.)

So, I bared my tum and she thrust the elephant forward and said, "Amber, ELEPHANT."

I was trying so hard not to laugh and all I could come up with was this: "That is so nice, Chloe... it might work better when Amber is out though, right? It will be better when she's out so we can play with her. I mean, come on Amber, get out!"

C: "Get OUT, Amber!"

I couldn't agree more. LOL

Friday, December 3, 2010

Chloe Post: Conversing with the Fat Man

I.Love.Santa. A lot.
The day after Thanksgiving, Mommy and Mom-Mom took me to see Santa so I could tell him that I have been a good girl all year long and so I could explain how much I enjoy Dora and Diego.

I was such a good girl and so polite that Santa gave me these cool antlers to wear. They rock.

Mainly, I liked hanging out with Mommy and Mom-Mom. We always have so much fun! We went window shopping, enjoyed some Starbucks and then we got crafting supplies at Target. Very cool!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chloe Post: Holiday Decor

I am such a good helper! I have been helping Mommy with all of our Christmas decorations... the only thing that confused me is why she and Daddy made me take this off my foot so they could hang it on the mantle... they said it was a stocking, after all! They make no sense at all.

Mommy said she is "seriously nesting" and we had the Christmas tree up by Wednesday night and the village up by 9.30am Thursday morning. I helped with the snow. I am "heavy-handed with the snow" according to Mommy. Whatevs.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chloe Post: Thanksgiving with Aunt Diane and Uncle John

Mommy and Daddy and I had so much fun with my godparents, Aunt Diane and Uncle John, for Thanksgiving! I played with their cats, we colored and we ate yummy food. My favorite was the Pumpkin Velvet soup - it was just as good as it was last year!

Here I am with Aunt Diane - don't we look pretty?

I should mention that homemade cranberry sauce is my other favorite... However, using a spoon was really too limited. It was easier to shovel it into my mouth with 2 hands. Thankfully, everyone found this adorable. Not that it would have stopped me if they didn't.

After all that sugar, I was very EXCITED. The whole way home, I sang, "Shake shake shake a body. Shake a body. Shake shake shake."

Mommy and Daddy said I was too much. But, I think I am just enough. :-)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chloe Post: Holiday Shopping with Miss Stella

Last week, I got to combine two of my favorite things: shopping and Miss Stella! We hit the road for the AC Outlets to shop for our adopted angel.

Here I am - all ready to go!

Mommy and I picked out lots of nice clothes and toys for the little boy we adopted thru the Salvation Army. But, we realized that I needed a hat and gloves, too, so Mommy let me pick out a set. I like to wear this hat and bark at people. Hee hee hee.

Then, we went to Applebees (I love Applebees) for lunch with Miss Stella - what a fun trip!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Chloe Post: Holiday Crafting

Mommy and I are crafters. It's part of who we are.
This is an exciting time of year because we are crafting in anticipation of Christmas!!

Beth and I are BFF and we had a great time painting with Mommy the weekend before Thanksgiving. I painted FOUR pieces of pottery. Mommy only painted one. I'm just saying.

Afterward, I went home and took a nap and Mommy made this pretty wreath for the front door. She said it only cost her $12 + tax. That made her really happy.

Mommy will post more photos tomorrow and Wednesday. She's a slacker and neglected to post all last week. Slacker Mommy!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chloe Post: Don't Try to Tire Me OUT

On Saturday, I was TEEMING with energy... full to the brim with vigor and anticipation... at 6:30am. Mommy brought me downstairs to watch Diego, but she kept nodding off and missing the best parts! "WAKE UP, MOMMY," I kept saying so she wouldn't miss out. I'm sure she appreciated that. After I (finally) went down for a nap, Mommy took a rest, too... and then Daddy said we should go to the Starbucks (yay), the park (YAY) and the library (yay) - to tire me out for bedtime.

Cori and I agreed, but in my head, I knew we weren't really going to get tired out. We just wanted the park!

Mommy is too pregnant to take me on the slides, so Daddy did them with me and we chased each other around. It was so much fun!

I was still rip-raring to go all day long... but Daddy had to go to bed early.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chloe Post: Happy Founders' Day

Mommy and I want to wish all the Phi Sigs a wonderful Founders' Day! We had a great time on Sunday, celebrating with more than 300 women!

(Check out how my coat matches this new dress from Aunt Jennifer - accessorizing is what separates us from the animals on Go, Diego, Go.)

Aunt Diane is a Phi Sig and she was so happy to see me - she travels so much and she and Uncle John miss hanging out with me. I can't wait to see her again on Thanksgiving.

But, one of the best parts of Founders' Day is that it's all WOMEN and we all recognize the necessity of a little extra dessert! Hee hee hee, Daddy - 2 cookies and a brownie. Watch out!

Mommy and I were so happy to spend the day together.

And of course, I'm always happy to help out. This is Beth - she and I are super good friends, so I wanted to help her with her presentation.

And when I got bored, I modeled for Mommy. Everyone else found it charming.
I think Mommy has a PS, so I will sign off, but thanks Phi Sigs for letting me crash the party!

PS. From Mommy: Big Props to the women of Theta Eta (Rider University) - they made these killer centerpieces and I was lucky enough to win one!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chloe Post: The Most Comfy Place to Watch Dora & Diego

The other day, Daddy brought my pool in from the porch and said he was going to put it in the basement.

He needs to be quicker.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Chloe Post: Cooking With Mommy

When you make french toast, you dip bread into a bowl of beaten egg. Mommy adds cinnamon sugar to her egg wash to make it yummier.

Unlike Mommy, I am not allowed to play with raw eggs.
I had to settle for a wooden spoon, mixing bowl and the end of a loaf.

I was fine with that. After cooking, the bowl and spoon came in handy for making music. Daddy was not yet awake, so Mommy said I could go to town.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chloe Post: Halloween Part 2: StoryBook Land

On Saturday, Mommy and Daddy took me trick or treating at StoryBook Land! How cool is that?! StoryBook Land is full of rides that are just perfect for me and they had a lot of trick or treats... most of which were cool toys!

Mommy's costume had this cool hat - she let me play with it while Daddy was still "getting ready" (which means "waking up").

Here's Mommy! She and Amber dressed up as witches!!

I got my first trick or treat from Mrs. Claus at Santa's house. I was not clear on this whole practice at all, but there was an older girl in front of me who was too afraid to even say "trick or treat" much less sit on her lap. Mommy said that I needed to be really nice to Mrs. Claus because Santa might be watching and it's just good to be polite anyway. So, I tried to keep my anxiety on the inside. I said, "trick or treat" and when I got a nice toy, I said, "thank you."

Mommy and Daddy said Santa would be impressed.

Daddy and I were hiding from Mommy in this little igloo! Daddy had to bend down to get inside. He is so silly!

Once I was broken in to trick or treating with Mrs. Claus, I started to understand. You look for the orange sign and wait your turn in line and then say "trick or treat" and then say "thank you." If you do not do these things, Daddy does not let you have the treat.

(I have to say that not all children followed this policy and Daddy didn't say anything to them! Sigh. It's hard work being Daddy's Good Girl.)

But, it's worth it! Daddy took me on all the rides! When you ride a ride at SBL, a metal bar comes down to protect you, so Mommy couldn't ride anything except for two rides. Amber was in the way! This truck ride was cool because Daddy and I got the very first truck in the line up. We won the race!

I'm deceptively calm here, but this ride was a little upsetting. Daddy liked it, but I wish someone had warned me that it went back and forth AND side to side.

Can you see those goats up there? They are so silly. They eat their food out of a bucket on a string. Mommy got some food and put it in the bucket and the goat and Mommy worked together to move the string to get the bucket up there. Silly goats!

Mommy said that she and Uncle Josh fed the goats that way when they came to SBL with their Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop a very long time ago.

Mommy has a picture in a photo album of this maze and she said that the little kids in the photo are her and Uncle Josh. I don't believe her. That's a trick.

Periodically along the way, I liked to stop and assess the status of my treat bag... and I always came up smiling!

What a great day!!