Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blueberry Pancakes

Amber: I may only have two teeth, but that does not mean I can't eat blueberry pancakes.

Amber: And just because I'm eating them now does not mean that I won't try to steal Daddy's when he wakes up. Because I totally will.

Chloe (off screen): Piglet.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Last Beach Trip of the Summer

Chloe: I am so depressed.

Amber: What's the matter?

Chloe: Last weekend was our last beach weekend of the summer. On the ride home, I fell asleep and when I woke up, we were in our driveway and I cried!!

Amber: But, fall is coming!

Chloe: I still don't undestand what that means. Who is falling? I don't like falling.

Amber: No, I mean 'autumn.'

Chloe: Yeah, Mommy said that, too. I don't know what that means either.

Amber (pauses): It means not summer.


Amber: But, fall, I mean autumn, whatever has lots of fun stuff! Halloween and pumpkins and we can put spider things on the windows to scare Daddy.

Chloe: Mommy really does enjoy that.

Amber: Yeah, and then we can dress up for Halloween! Didn't Mommy say we were going to all be superheroes? That will be awesome! I can't wait to dress up as---

Chloe: WAIT! Don't tell. We have to give people reason to keep visiting the blog, Amber.

Amber: Oh, right. But, it will be so fun! And if we're good, maybe they'll take us to StorybookLand for trick or treating and I'll be outside Mommy's uterus this time.

Chloe: That would be cool... but I'm still sad. I want to be with Aunt Diane!

Amber: She will be home in the city soon and then we can see her here! Plus, she will have us over for Thanksgiving and again, I'll be out of Mommy's uterus!

Chloe: Ok, I feel better. Let's get to captioning.

Amber: Very good! Here I am, trying to climb over Daddy to get over to the sand that he does not want me to eat.

Chloe: Yeah, he's a pistol that way. I find that if Mommy is watching you, she actually will let you eat a fist of sand before stopping you.

Amber: Well, I guess I drew the short straw. Mommy was letting you MARINATE in the stuff and I just wanted a small taste.

Chloe: Daddy is fun, though. He and I were doing a lot of building.

Amber: I think I slept through that.

Chloe: Daddy kept trying to design things that didn't look inappropriate for children and eventually came up with the idea of designing a number wheel so we could talk about numbers while we were building.

Amber: Yeah, he's like the freakin' PBS channel... always trying to sneak stuff in while we're not looking.

Chloe: Well, I started counting for him to help him out, but when I said, "1, 2, 3, 4, 9" he grabbed his head and built a 5.

Amber: Ah, here she is... our lovely hostess.

Chloe: Yeah, I just love her. Hey, where was Uncle John?

Amber: I think he was working that day.

Chloe: What a sucker.

Amber: Yeah.

Chloe: When Mommy told me at the end of the trip that we had to leave, she explained that Aunt Diane and Uncle John had to go back to work and she asked me if I knew what people worked for and I said, "To buy me nice things."

Amber: What did Uncle John say?

Chloe: "Well, that's accurate."

Amber: LOL!

Cozy Tots

As I mentioned on Facebook last week, I scored a ton of great stuff at the recent Cozy Tots sale. For $47, I got everything pictured below + a 2-DVD set of Friends episodes for myself.

Chloe came with me and I told her she could get one toy, but I'm weak. She had already picked out a doll house (later switched it for this doll house castle) when she saw the talking, dancing Dora. She was so delighted and excited (and Dora was $2), so she got two toys. The castle was $5, I think. Dora is always a hit, but she's really into the castle. She has a Little Mermaid toy set and she uses them in the castle. Everyone gets a place in the castle. Even Ursula... but Chloe is then quick to point out, "I no like Ursula. She bad lady."

I really wanted to get one of these things for Amber. They have similar ones at school and she likes them. I love that this one has lights, along with sounds and also has a mirror. And I love that it was $6.

Chloe bee-lined right to two hangers. This was one of them. This set includes a light-weight jacket, pair of embroidered jeans and a long-sleeve tee. None of the pieces look like they were even worn! $2 for the whole set!

This is the other thing that grabbed her attention. She is very interested in the princesses right now and this fleece sweatsuit was a must. I think it was $4 or $5.

I don't remember the individual prices on the rest of this stuff, but nothing was more than $3 or $4 and many were $2. The Friends DVD set was $5. Pretty cool, no?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Who Eats Penguins, Anyway?

Last week, my friend, Helda sent me a link to this cool blog. Inspired, I made this for breakfast for Chloe on Sunday:

I used plain pancake mix (we like the Aunt Jemima wheat mix). For the feet and beak, I used the compote I made Friday night consisting of white tangerines that were about to go bad, cinnamon-sugar, water and a pinch of nutmeg. For the tummy, I used the cherry yogurt that Chloe insisted on getting the day before at Starbucks and then didn't eat. For the eyes, I used two of the black cherries for the yogurt.

Chloe was completely delighted when I made it. And then, she ate the eyes and the wings. She came back 15 minutes later and enlisted my help in cutting up the body of the bird... and ate about 2 bites. She refused to try my compote. Sigh.

At least, the picture is cute.

Monday, August 15, 2011

They're Coming to Take Me Away...

Amber: What is all this?

Chloe: Mommy said there would be a costume parade at the pool barbecue and I dressed up as Minnie Mouse if she were going to go swimming.

Amber: Or exotic dancing.

Chloe (glares): I see that you were dressed as "baby that doesn't walk or eat real food." Again.

Amber: Yeah, but I do swim! I overheard Mommy the other day say that I wasn't ready for Water Babies class with you because I didn't like the water.

Chloe: That's true. She said that.

Amber: Well, I'm tired of being left out, so I figured I'd better up my game! When JoJo got me in the water, I was kicking and kicking and kicking! I'm ready!

Chloe: Good job.

Amber: Well, I won't lie... I also want one of these ducks!

Chloe: Hold your horses there, Flounder. This duck is mine. I even named it "Chloe Duck" so that there will be no confusion.

Amber: You do what you want, but I said "Mama" on Saturday, so I just may be the current favorite daughter.

Chloe: Yeah. You probably have that all sewn up because I was a BEAST to live with yesterday.

Amber: You sure were. What's up with that?

Chloe: Mommy said I am trying to make her a crazy person.

Amber: Well, you better stop it. If she's institutionalized, who will drive us to the beach this weekend?

Chloe: Good point. I'll do my part... now, if you could sleep more than 2 hours in a row, maybe she won't take complete leave of her senses.

Amber: Well, I'll try. But sometimes, I'm just compelled to be difficult.

Chloe: I know just how that feels.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Amber: I got this.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reporting in from the Peach Festival

Chloe: Thanks to the good people over at the "Fun Things to Do with Your Kids in Delaware County" blog, Mommy took us to the Linvilla Orchards Peach Festival on Saturday.

Amber: I'm still too little to do a lot of the stuff, but it was nice to get out and you did a pretty good job of keeping me entertained...

Amber: I mean, this was worth leaving home for, all by itself.


Amber: HA HA HA HA. I mean, I know it shouldn't be *this* funny, but you are my sister and a piggie. At the SAME TIME.

Amber: Let me just see... I want to touch... how is this possible? Chloe AND piggie at the same time...

Chloe: C'mon, Amber, there's more to do and see... Mommy still has to go spend all her money on peaches and pies and stuff in the market and then I'm going to go dance.

Amber: Dance?

Chloe: Oh, yes... after all...

Chloe: It's fun to stay at the Y - M - C - A...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Amber Introduces the Family

Amber: This is Da-Da. My Daddy. Ddddd Da-Da.

Amber: This is my big sister. I will probably say her name next because she is my FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD. She's big and pretty and she has cool toys and she can make this funny noise with her lips that always makes me laugh and she sings to me and makes faces and shares with me and tries to sneak me Pez when no one is looking. I just love her! So, I'm sure that I will say her name next.

Also, there's some lady that lives with us. She's holding the camera.