Monday, April 29, 2013


Chloe: Spring is here and it's about time!
Amber: Hear, hear!
Chloe: Fun new clothes...
Amber: Hear, hear!
Chloe: Playing outside...
Amber: Hear, hear!
Chloe: Trips to Rita's and Dairy Queen.
Amber: I may pass out.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Getting Big

Kyra: I am getting so big that I'm awake for longer each day... and let me tell you, life on the outside wasn't too much to write home about.  Attention is diverted to my very demanding sisters and other than that fascinating wall behind the couch, there ain't so much to look at.  Thankfully, Mommy tracked down this old toy of Amber's.  It is awesome.  For the five minutes I deign to play with it before screaming for Mommy to find the next big thing.
This photo doesn't have much to do with this post's main topic, but I include it to show you how fashionable I am.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop

Kyra: OHMYGOD this is the tallest person I have ever seen.  I can't even see him all at once.
I'm excited and stressed out all at the same time.
Chloe and Amber: That's just Pop-Pop!  Wait til you're older - he'll swing you around on his shoulders.
Kyra: The whole idea scares me to death.  Ah, I'll just hang out with Mom-Mom.

I Smelled Strombolis...

Kyra: I'm sick of formula.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Cashing in on those Dividends

Chloe: Wow!  Saving your money really pays off!  I finally had enough in my bank to buy this horse for McKenna.  Mommy has explained to me that American Girl dolls cannot be purchased in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by parents and must be brought by Santa... but you can save up your money all year round for accessories.  Now, McKenna can ride Maximus all year!!!
Amber: I have also been saving my money and I got to buy this awesome Minnie Mouse shopping cart.  It came with groceries and Katie fits in there perfectly!
Mommy: I'm glad you girls are learning about saving money AND frugality.  I mean, the horse in the American Girl catalog was much more expensive than this one from Target.
Chloe (narrows eyes): I thought they were the same.
Mommy (thinking quickly): And THEY ARE.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


...these people exhaust me.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Flyers Day

Amber: We get. She's adorable. Best baby ever and all that stuff... but can ANYTHING be about us anymore?  I mean, we were here first.
Chloe: I think you mean that *I* was here first, but I take your point.  At least Mommy remembered to send us all decked out for Flyers Spirit Day at school.
Amber: GO GATORS!***
Chloe: Wrong league, but points for enthusiasm.
Amber: What the hell's a flyer?
Chloe: I have no idea.
Amber: At least I know what an alligator is.
Chloe: Good point.

***When I was watching the Phillies game the other day, the girls both kept cheering, "Go Gators!"  LOL