Monday, February 27, 2012

The Loraxes

Amber: What the hell is this?

Chloe: They're mustaches.

Amber: For what?

Chloe: We're supposed to be Loraxes.

Amber (staring at her blindly): Is that supposed to clear it up?

Chloe: You know, "The Lorax," by Dr. Seuss.

Amber: I know Dr. G__, the pediatrician.

Chloe: No, it's a book. You saw those people in the tall red and white hats, reading?

Amber: I was busy with the treat bag.

Chloe: Amber, just put on your mustache.

Amber: Fine.

Amber: And?

Chloe: It's supposed to be funny.

Amber: Funny-looking, maybe.

Thank you, Target, for this weekend's Read Across America event. We had a great time!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Where Have Oreos Been All My Life??

Amber: Seriously?? Why has no one ever given me an Oreo before?

Chloe: Maybe, they thought you would make a mess... unlike ME.

Amber (glares): Hey, it's been a day or so -- aren't we due for a screaming hissy fit right about now, there, Princess?

Chloe (glares back): Piss off.

Monday, February 13, 2012

ShamROCK and No TV

Chloe: So, this was a fun weekend.

Amber: It was... even though we weren't allowed to watch anything on TV.

Chloe: Yeah, sorry about that. That was my fault. I screamed for almost an hour on Friday night.

Amber: Why?

Chloe: I'm not sure.

Amber: I was trying to sleep.

Chloe: Sorry, Amber. I'm going to try to prevent myself from screaming for 50 minutes straight again.

Amber: Good deal.

Chloe: But, we had a good time, anyway, right?

Amber: Oh, sure. We trashed the bedroom a couple of times, got to visit Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop and spin on this Sit and Spin. It was good.

Chloe: Plus, the milkshakes!

Amber: My favorite part!! Shamrock Shakes are only available for a limited time, you know!!

Chloe: Why are you out of focus?

Amber: I was shivering. Shakes are cold!

Chloe: Why didn't you take a break from drinking then?

Amber (increduously): Because it would have stopped the flow of Shamrock Shake into my hungry little mouth.

Chloe: Mommy and Daddy said you had green poop.

Amber: It was worth it.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Dinner with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop

Chloe: Yay, Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's house! I love visiting with them!

Amber: Me, too! They don't have any cats.

Chloe: That's it?

Amber: They also have yummy food.

Chloe: Anything else?

Amber (nodding): The kisses.

Chloe: Yeah, those are the best.

Monday, February 6, 2012

That's Why There's Chocolate and Vanilla

Chloe: Ah, dance class. The opportunity to be covered in pink and tulle; to spin, kick, twirl; to embrace the most feminine and lovely side of my nature. I so love ballet for its elegance and bootiful for-e-fography.

Amber, don't you agree that pink, girly things are just the absolute best?

Amber: I do not.