Monday, December 15, 2008

33 Weeks: Livin' Large

Oh, my my. I am quite the pregnant person. In the last week, I've heard many comments confirming this fact. "You're due February 1st? Because you're really big already" is my personal favorite.

As Juno so adequately put it "the only thing in your stomach is taco bell" so everyone needs to step off - I'm creating a miracle and I need some space to work.

Anyway, these fun pictures are from a holiday dinner with some friends at Diane and John's place on Sunday. It was a really good time and Ed and John had fun plotting ways to send me into early labor in advance of January 1st so we could secure a tax break for the year.

Of course, Diane then made me promise to do everything I can to avoid giving birth early since they will be traveling at Christmas and in the early part of January. LOL

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