Friday, March 20, 2009

On Raising a Big Girl

I remember getting this outfit at my baby shower and then looking at it again after we brought Chloe home from the hospital. I remember thinking how big the overalls looked and I couldn't imagine when she would be big enough to wear them. It turns out that we have reached that day. I weighed her today and she is up to 9lbs, 4.2 oz. Whenever we go out, people approach her stroller and say "oh, she's so tiny." But, when I look at her, I can't believe how big she is. She's already so different from the tiny baby I met on January 24. With less than a month until I return to work, I'm already missing her. I so treasure this time home with her, the ability to watch as those subtle changes start happening. She has started to smile at things she likes - not a lot yet, but it's there. She's starting to know when both Ed and I are home and wants us near her. I put her on the play mat yesterday and she was content, by herself, for about 10 minutes because she was able to watch the toys and see herself in the mirror. It's so funny to hear strangers say how tiny she is because I swear, she's growing at the speed of sound. I'm going to turn around in a week and Ed and I will have grey hair (if Ed has hair lol) and Chloe will be leaving us to go to her dorm. And I miss her already.

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