Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chloe Post: Thank Goodness we found the Magic Camera to Computer Cord that No One will Let me Chew on

GoodNESS. I have been itching to share new photos of me in my new home, but M & D took forever to find the freakin' cord! Sheesh!!

Here I am resting with Daddy... we were taking a break from unpacking. See the pretty new couch? It turns into a bed for Grams and Granpa when they come to visit me. It looks tasty, but M & D don't let me chew on it, so I can't tell you for sure.

Lately, M & D have been letting me try all sorts of new food (I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER) and the other day, I wanted to gnaw on an unpeeled orange. When M realized I was sawing into it with my two powerful teeth, she took me into the kitchen to "show me what's inside." She peeled a piece and gave it to me. I was unimpressed. I preferred this piece, with the peel still on it. But, M & D eventually took it away. They suck. So do eggs. Eggs are gross.

Today, I was helping Daddy build our table. I am a good helper. Like earlier today when M & D were building my new crib and I was lubricating the screws for them by hiding them in my mouth. I'm not sure why they freaked out so much. They are so over dramatic.

I'm so glad we found that cord so I could share these photos with you - I love my new house!!

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Dr. Rachel Sutz Pienta said...

Look at that big girl standing up! Wow!