Friday, August 27, 2010

On Why We Will Never Live in Mississippi

School in Mississippi Segregates School Elections - Whites Only for President

I want someone to put a stop to this redneck bullshit pron-teen-to. Like yesterday... or better, THIRTY YEARS AGO.

I cannot tell you the number of times I have engaged with people on the interwebs (my first mistake, I know) and been told that racism doesn't exist in this country and that the only ones calling attention to race are black people... black people who are making problems where problems don't exist.

I guess none of those people have ever visited Nettleton, Mississippi.

So, a couple of thoughts:

1) Since there is no category for "Your Daddy is an N word," should I assume that Chloe and Amber would be eligible for no offices since they are of mixed race?

2) Isn't Mississippi ranked LAST in education in this country?

3) This is a repeat, but it's worth mentioning twice: WE ARE NEVER MOVING TO MISSISSIPPI.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder... could bi, or tri, racial kids apply every year? maybe they have an advantage!