Friday, July 1, 2011

Amber's First Fourth

American Cutie: Yay, my first Fourth! We're all dressed up for a party at school!

America's Sweetheart: It's true - it should be really fun.

American Cutie: What will we be doing today?

America's Sweetheart: Well, I will be playing in the sprinklers, eating pizza and then capping it all off with an ice cream party!!

American Cutie: What about me?

America's Sweetheart: You'll be in the baby room in that exersaucer thing.

American Cutie: But, I do that everyday!

America's Sweetheart: True.

American Cutie: When will holidays stop sucking?

America's Sweetheart: Around the time you can walk.

American Cutie: When will that be?

America's Sweetheart: I have no idea. Mommy assures me that you won't stay a baby forever, but I don't know if I believe her.

American Cutie: I've been a baby my whole life!

America's Sweetheart: My point exactly.

American Cutie: Will you sneak me some ice cream?

America's Sweetheart: I'll try, but they fixed the gate.

American Cutie: What is this, the third world or something? We are celebrating INDEPENDENCE DAY, aren't we?

America's Sweetheart: Seriously.


Jen said...

You're getting good at these pics with both the girls smiling!
Very cute!
Happy 4th July!
Love Jen xox

grams said...

Amber Kat...if you visit the woods,I promise ice cream!
Kisses to my girls xoxox