Friday, September 7, 2012

Halloween Preview

 Chloe: I AM IRON MAN.

Amber: This rocks.

Chloe: I was so glad our costumes arrived that I insisted we try them on and they are SO COOL.

 Amber: I can control lightening with my hammer.

Chloe: And I can shoot lasers out of my hands!

Amber: Mommy said that she can shoot spider webs.  What can Daddy do?

Chloe: Nothing, yet.  Since he won'

Amber: He is so difficult.

Chloe: Word.


P.S. from Mommy: to the kids at school who told Chloe she couldn't be the real Iron Man because she's a girl, you're going to want to piss off.  Please and thank you.


Kerry Ann @Vinobaby's Voice said...

Those girls rock. I'm thinking they need to meet my son. What do you think about being in-laws someday? ;~)

Heather Kelley said...

Love it!