Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Columbus Day!

Chloe: Happy Columbus Day!

Amber: What is Columbus Day?

Chloe: It's the day where we celebrate white people stealing land from brown people.

Amber: How is that something to celebrate?

Chloe: I don't know, but it's a day off school!

Amber: Score!

Chloe: Yeah, what a great day!  Mommy took us to the dentist, but they made our appointment for another day without telling her, so we got to skip it.

Amber: That was such a relief to me, I won't lie.

Chloe: Yeah, I was up for it, but that's okay.  We got a nice long time to play in the park and then we went shopping...

Amber: ...I enjoyed a nice nap...

Chloe: ...And I read some Halloween books with Mommy that we are reviewing for the Bookshelf Bombshells (coming soon)!  Plus, Mommy and I took turns watching some TV.  She only got one episode of Supernatural, though.

Amber: Then she packed up our summer clothes and put all our new clothes away so Daddy will be able to find them.

Chloe: Plus, she made dinner, cleaned up dinner, did a bunch of laundry and gave us baths.

Amber: She snuck us to bed early, did you catch that?

Chloe: NO WAY.

Amber (nods): She's sneaky... but, then she kept on working and entered a Thirty-One party.

Chloe: Personally, I think she's relieved to be back at the office today.

Amber: I should think so.

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