Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Chloe: Going to school after a four day weekend sucks.  I miss my people.  I just want to be with my people all the time.  Like Aunt Diane.  I love her so much that I literally can't stand it.  My eyes are bugging out with love.

 Amber: I love her, too.  I wish these people would stop staring at me, but I love her.  Also, I'm a little pissed that you got to sit at the A-list table with Aunt Diane and the rest of us were booted to the living room.

Chloe: Dude, I was here first.

 Chloe: You got to sit with Mommy and Daddy, though, that's something.

Amber: Yeah, you know what it is?  Just like last Thursday. That's cool, though, we had a good time.  That woman can COOK.  And I don't care if you're Aunt Diane's favorite because... (whispers) I'm Daddy's favorite...

Chloe: What?  I missed that last part.

Amber: Not important.  Carry on...

 Chloe: Look how stylish we are!

Amber: I know.  Mom-Mom took one look at us in these coats and said, "I don't even need to ask where those came from."  Everyone can tell Aunt Diane has great style!

Chloe: See?  Mom-Mom - another one of my people.  And here it is Monday and we're at school.  Suckage.  But, anyway.  It was a good thing that Mom-Mom came with us to the mall so she could chase you down when you ran from Santa. 

Amber: He's not right.

Chloe: You made it all the way to the Gap.  You sure can run fast.

Amber: I run from predators.  The man's not right.

Chloe: He's going to bring you a baby doll if you are good, so he can't be all bad.

Amber: Do I have to SEE him to get the baby doll?

Chloe: No.  Just be good.

Amber: Man, I was born good.

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