Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chloe Post: On Turning 4 Years Old

 Chloe: I've seen much these last years.  I once saw snow on Halloween.  I saw my gentle existence shattered by the addition of a very loud little creature who know outweighs me.  I have seen water coming through my ceiling as if I were standing directly under the heavens themselves.  I have seen much; I have done much and I am just four years old.

Oh, when I think about the knowledge I have amassed in such a short time on this earth, I am stunned at how ignorant so many are around me.  Four People* are renowned for their insight, their grace, their fortitude.  I look forward to demonstrating my brilliance over the course of the next year to all of you willing followers.

But, in the meantime, I will recap my birthday party for you.  I know that's why you're here.

 I was so excited to see that Mommy had appropriately outfitted McKenna for my cheetah-themed birthday party and Grampa was pleased to pose with her as I took her picture.  I am unclear as to why I don't have a matching dress, but was sated with the cheetah-print shoes seen in photo 1.

 I was also thrilled that Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop honored my love of big cats with a bunch of cheetah books and this awesome tiger hat. Here I am, roaring, like I do.  Amber is a chipmunk and I don't know why she is roaring.

It was such a fun day and a fun weekend - Grams and Grampa came to visit for the long weekend and we had lots to do!  Fuzz and Jo Jo had us to dinner on Saturday night and Preggo inhaled dumplings as if it were her last meal on earth.  They came to my party with Mom-Mom Faust and Aunt Patty and we all had so much fun!

I wish they would move closer to us.  We have deer in Pennsylvania, you know.

In any case, thank you to all who made my birthday such a success!  It was really so cool and I loved seeing you all... and because you didn't eat enough cupcakes, the firefighters of Upper Darby thank you, too.  We hope that pink cupcakes made their MLK Day a little nicer yesterday.  

Peace Out,
Chloe aka Merida

*She means "people who are four."

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