Monday, March 18, 2013


 Chloe: This was so awesome!!!  We had a great time celebrating Sophia's birthday at her gymnastics party!  I have been ready to do gymnastics ever since McKenna came into my life!  This was so cool!

Amber: It WAS really awesome.  I was kind of overwhelmed at first, but I really got into it, too.

 Amber: And, really, it's about time that I got to go to a birthday party.  Mommy can be such a dictator, as I may have mentioned.

 Chloe: I just loved it.  I learned so much in such a short time; I'm practically a professional gymnast.

 Chloe: I mean, LOOK at this forward roll.  NEVER HAD ONE SINGLE LESSON.

 Amber: I especially liked the jumping!  Jumping is awesome!!!

Chloe: Happy Birthday, Sophia!

Amber: And thanks for inviting us!

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