Monday, April 22, 2013

Cashing in on those Dividends

Chloe: Wow!  Saving your money really pays off!  I finally had enough in my bank to buy this horse for McKenna.  Mommy has explained to me that American Girl dolls cannot be purchased in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by parents and must be brought by Santa... but you can save up your money all year round for accessories.  Now, McKenna can ride Maximus all year!!!
Amber: I have also been saving my money and I got to buy this awesome Minnie Mouse shopping cart.  It came with groceries and Katie fits in there perfectly!
Mommy: I'm glad you girls are learning about saving money AND frugality.  I mean, the horse in the American Girl catalog was much more expensive than this one from Target.
Chloe (narrows eyes): I thought they were the same.
Mommy (thinking quickly): And THEY ARE.

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