Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Linvilla Orchards


Chloe: I LOVE these things! Any outing is enhanced by the ability to stick my face in one of these.  I've been a monkey before, a character from The Lorax, all kinds of things.  These are great! 

Kyra: I feel stupid.
Amber: Kyra, stupid a bad word.
Kyra (sigh): Okay, I'll sit out this next one.
Chloe: It's just so fun!  I love it - how can you not like this?
Amber: You know what I like even more is flapping my arms and quacking like a duck to scare Mommy and make her think a bird is coming after her.
Chloe: OMG, I love that, too!
Kyra: You guys are mean!
Chloe: Oh, it's all in good fun!
Amber: Yeah, chill out.
(Kyra defiantly opts out by going to sleep.)

(Kyra wakes up in time to snicker.)

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