Monday, October 6, 2008

23 Weeks: "You Look Like You'll Have That Baby Any Day Now"

Yes, someone actually said that to me. A stranger. In a professional setting. After a very long day. I took it in stride and then repeated it to everyone I saw later. All of them assured me that wasn't the case. I hope they weren't lying, but all in all, who cares? I'm busy creating the miracle of life over here. What are they doing that's so important? LOL

But, I also had an absolutely fabulous surprise in the same setting. One of the grantees from my program presented me with a gift on Friday: a handmade set of newborn hat and booties that she knitted for BT! I was truly touched by her thoughtfulness and will take a photo to post. The set is really adorable. When I got home from my conference, I set the gift bag on my night stand so I could look over at the little hat. Too cute and much appreciated!!


binders said...

How sweet of her to do that! It's so great when people show that thoughtfulness that seems to have all but disappeared in today's society. What a special gift- and congrats on the baby!

Heather and Ed and Baby to Be said...