Monday, October 13, 2008

24 Weeks: Stronger, Better, Faster

She's definitely getting bigger. I can feel how she's taking up more room in my stomach and her kicks have gotten much stronger (but still not painful). What IS painful is when she does this whole body stretch thing that forces her head (I'm assuming) right under my right rib cage and then stays there for a few minutes (often the walk to work) or in the case of last Friday, all day long.

It's quite embarrassing to be caught whispering to yourself in the hallway: "Please move your head for Mommy."

Maybe Ed is right that she doesn't have enough room in there! LOL

I also can't believe that it's the 24th week! Just three more months until she arrives? I can't believe it.

PS. Thanks to Barb for loaning me her breast pump! Now, I just have to take the next three months to convince myself not to be scared to use this contraption. :)

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