Wednesday, November 5, 2008

27 Weeks: The Dental Battle Continues and an OBAMA Victory!

I have to tell you that yesterday was a really weird day. First, I'm thrilled that we have an Obama victory... and that Liddy Dole lost... but, I'm really dismayed that the social ballots all went down. I simply don't understand the notion of denying rights to others and while the thrill of Obama's historical win is really amazing, part of me feels really disappointed in the country.

I look at the gay marriage issue and simply don't get why someone would feel that their own marriage is cheapened by gay people they don't know having the same marriage license. If people really feel that way, maybe it's time for couples counseling and they can just leave the gays out of it. Part of me also looks at it through the lens of my marriage. If Ed and I lived, met, and fell in love 50 or 60 years ago, we'd be allowed to get married, but we would also live in fear that ignorant people so assured of their own destiny in heaven would find it appropriate to physically attack us.

But, I'm spinning off topic. Obama has done what no one thought he could do 2 years ago and I'm absolutely thrilled. I really believe that he is the best leader for our country and an incredible role model for our little one.

I had a great time watching some early returns with the crew from Shorr, Johnson, Magnus (my old firm). Although I don't miss the field as a career, it was great to catch up with so many friends and colleagues and to live in their world for an evening.

Yesterday was a bit challenging, though, because I had my next round of oral surgery. Many of you know that I was the victim of a car accident last December when a driver hit me as I was crossing the street (in the crosswalk, with the light). Knock wood, but I was largely fine - the main damages were a destroyed tooth and a chipped one. The bad tooth was removed in April in a horrific, three-hour ordeal (in which I was wide awake and crying). Thankfully, yesterday was not nearly as bad. It was about an hour, but it was still invasive and still difficult (especially since I can't take pain meds stronger than Tylenol). However, during the procedure, all of a sudden, I became very scared for no real reason. It was an irrational burst of panic and I felt alone and petrified and didn't know if I could withstand it. There was no reason for this as I wasn't in pain and I got to thinking how when I'm in labor, Ed and Diane will be there to help me or hold my hand or talk to me. But, in yesterday's situation, everyone in the room was using both hands to work. Plus, I was so wrapped in with all the drapings that I couldn't have reached a hand out to someone anyway. When I thought that I really couldn't take it any more, I felt a soft kick.

Believe me, it wasn't the kick of which she's capable. This little girl is getting really strong and can wallop me if she wants to do so. It was gentle and she repeated it throughout the surgery and it was more than enough to help me calm down and not feel so alone. I was so thankful that she was with me and for the first time, felt like she was just as capable at caring for me as I am for her.

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