Sunday, November 30, 2008

31 Weeks: Happy Thanksgiving and NO Contractions

Happy Thanksgiving to all! The #1 thing that we're thankful for this year is that everything (knock wood) continues to go well with my pregnancy and that at every appointment, the doctor says how well our little one is doing. She's kicking up a storm, she's super strong, she's amazing.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our friends Diane and John and company and have enjoyed a relaxing long weekend together.

I have to relay a funny conversation from last night, though. Last week, the doctor asked if I have experienced any Braxton-Hicks contractions and explained that I would feel a tightening across my abdomen (but no pain) and that my belly would feel hard all over. Last night, I think I *may* have had two of these and came in to the living room to keep Papa Bear in the loop. Hilarity ensued:

H: "I think I may have just had some Braxton-Hicks."
E: "No, you DIDN'T, Girl! Sit down. You need to relax."
H: "I am relaxed."
E: "You need to relax more!"
H: "Honey, Braxton-Hicks contractions aren't anything to worry about at all. They don't bring on labor and they don't even hurt."

I can't wait to see the audience reaction when we take this act on the road... to say, the hospital, in a couple of months. LOL

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