Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chloe Post: Ladies Day Out

I love hanging out with Aunt Diane! She always gives me lots of hugs and kisses and likes to hold me and buy me dresses. She loves dresses! I was really happy that she invited Mommy and me to go Christmas shopping with her in Cape May and Atlantic City. We shopped the bargains! I saw a Santa in Cape May, but he wasn't the real Santa. His beard was fake. I saw the real Santa already with Mommy and Mom-Mom, but I didn't spoil the good times by telling people that the dude was an imposter. Mommy said that wouldn't be polite.

I was such a good girl that Mommy bought me a Ginger Girl doll and some new shoes at the Carter's Outlet. I think Aunt Diane got me a present at Carter's, too, but she kept it under wraps... guess I will have to wait. She probably had to sneak it into the house - Uncle John says she spoils me!

Ain't no such thing, Uncle John. Ain't no such thing.

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Anonymous said...

Grams here...hey Chloe I'm so o glad Aunt Diane is there to spoil you! I made sugar cookies for you today....kisses to my girl xoxox