Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chloe Post: Visiting Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop

On Sunday, I got all dressed up in this new dress (another Aunt Diane selection!) to go and visit Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop. We always have so much fun together!

Mom-Mom said that I looked like a little princess in my pretty dress, but that didn't stop me from playing hard with all the fun toys she had out for me! I like to make music on her pots and pans, play with Pop-Pop's big truck and wrestle with the big teddy bear.

I also like to wander out to the kitchen to see what Mom-Mom is up to in there. I'm so glad I did - she introduced me to greens! They were so yummy! She said that some grown men are afraid to eat greens because they are too spicy. Grown men are silly!

I also spent a lot of time hanging out with Pop-Pop. I was cheering him up because neither the offense nor the defense showed up for the Eagles on Sunday and he was sad. It's a good thing I was there!

I love Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop!

(and greens!)


Anonymous said...

i think the red shoes with the white dress are insanely sassy. That's an Aunt Jennifer trick, right there.

Heather and Ed and Chloe said...

Word. Now you know why the kid was trying to steal your red purse the other day!