Friday, January 15, 2010

Miss Stella is a Bully

So, Miss Stella totally tells me what to do. She pushes me around. She tells me when the Family Tree she requested I make is very pretty, but doesn't provide enough information and therefore, I must bring a second one. She tells me when Chloe is low on formula or clean bibs or when I have been negligent in not changing up the spare clothes to be season-specific. But most of all, she tells me when I'm holding Chloe back.

The other day, she instructed me that it's time for Chloe to have "real food." And I said that yes, we are giving her table food at home and letting her try things. And she said, "yes, you need to bring to school." And I realized that each day, I drop off my almost 1 year old kid who's running around and taking prisoners with jars of food that have pictures of babies who can crawl as the developmental marker.

So, yesterday I showed up with strawberries and green peppers. (Don't ask me. The kid is weird. She likes what she likes.) And my girl destroyed them and refused to eat "baby food." Today, I chopped up more strawberries and some green squash and Ed said "she still has the other food, there, too, right?" And I said "yes, but this is actually a large portion. If she eats this, she's good." And he said, "yes, that's true."

I think we both can't quite believe that she's done (or almost done) with baby food... then I realized that it was also Miss Stella who told me when I should be feeding her more than just cereal all those months ago!

I swear, I don't need a baby book or the internet. I just need Miss Stella to live in our house and organize my life.

PS. I'm totally kidding. Miss Stella's not a bully. I mean, she hasn't pushed me down to steal my lunch money. Yet.


micki @ ADD housewife said...

awww it's nice to have a second set of loving eyes to help you out :) My baby took her first steps yesterday so I'm with you on feeling a bit sad on milestones.

The Dreamstress said...

So cute! And keep pushing those strawberries and green peppers - better that than a picky kid!

Sarah*Jane said...

For some reason, strawberries & green peppers sounds like a fantastic dinner to me!

Heather and Ed and Chloe said...

Today, it's mini meatballs and bananas. :-)