Friday, March 4, 2011

Mommy's Favorite Hand-Me-Down

I'm not sure this should actually count as a hand-me-down. My parents bought this cute Pooh onesie for Chloe and according to my mom, had quite the debate in the store over which size to buy. My mom (like most moms) thinks, "Let me get the most use of this I can - buy it bigger." My dad (like most men) thinks, "Babies are small! Buy the smallest one they have."

Eh, both are right. I agree - buy it a little bigger to make it last longer... but this is tough when the kid is a peanut who is always in the 12th percentile for height and weight (Chloe). So by the time she could wear this adorable onesie (size 3mos - 6mos) without the feet dragging six inches past her, it was too warm to use.

However, my little baby linebacker (Amber) is in the 50th percentile and started wearing her 3mos clothes a week ago. Score for Pooh!

P.S. I know that one of these photos is off-center... but I was trying to get her to laugh and take the photo at the same time! She scowls when she sees the camera, so I was trying to be crafty.

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