Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Who Eats Penguins, Anyway?

Last week, my friend, Helda sent me a link to this cool blog. Inspired, I made this for breakfast for Chloe on Sunday:

I used plain pancake mix (we like the Aunt Jemima wheat mix). For the feet and beak, I used the compote I made Friday night consisting of white tangerines that were about to go bad, cinnamon-sugar, water and a pinch of nutmeg. For the tummy, I used the cherry yogurt that Chloe insisted on getting the day before at Starbucks and then didn't eat. For the eyes, I used two of the black cherries for the yogurt.

Chloe was completely delighted when I made it. And then, she ate the eyes and the wings. She came back 15 minutes later and enlisted my help in cutting up the body of the bird... and ate about 2 bites. She refused to try my compote. Sigh.

At least, the picture is cute.

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