Friday, May 18, 2012

Making Music at the Please Touch Museum

 Amber: Dancing is one of my best things.  Daddy said I have a lot of rhythm.

Chloe: He said I have knocked knees.

Amber: You do.

Chloe (glares).

 Chloe: I like to MAKE the music.  Daddy and I had a great time using the instruments during the jazz performance... and afterward, I met the guy with the saxophone and checked out the buttons.  I am very interested in saxophones.

Amber: I liked to make music with instruments, too!

Chloe: Those are Mommy's pain pills.

Amber: Yup - that's how I know I'll always have access to my instruments.  Home Girl won't be leaving these at home.  You have to give that stick and drum back.

Chloe (glares.again.).

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