Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Uncle Evan, Aunt Miranda and the Search for Pancakes. And fashion.

 Amber: This man said we were going to get pancakes, but I don't have any pancakes.

Chloe: That's Uncle Evan.

Amber: Ok... where are the pancakes?

Chloe: Be patient.

Amber: Yeah, that's not really my thing.

Chloe: Me neither.  My thing is FASHION.

Amber: As evidenced by the zebra print dress paired with the polka dotted and lady bug-themed gardening hat.

Chloe: Aunt Miranda likes my hat.

Amber: Well, they're all crazy out there in California.


Note from Mommy: We had a great time visiting with Uncle Evan and Aunt Miranda and took lots of photos from our trip to the Please Touch Museum... stay tuned to the blog this week for more.  And thanks for visiting us, "Unca Evan and Aunt Minnnanda."

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Unknown said...

It was so great seeing everyone. I will send you pics soon Heather. :)