Monday, February 11, 2013

Preggo - It's in There (Remember that Slogan?)

This is from February 1, so I was about 31.5 weeks pregnant.

Tomorrow, I will be 33 weeks and you won't believe it is possible, but I'm even bigger than I am in the picture.

I'm so large that I find it necessary to point out to everyone (including you, dear reader) that I've only gained about 7 lbs during this pregnancy... I can't figure out if that means Kyra will be 5 lbs or 10.

Either way, I just want it to be April 2nd already.

Isn't it amazing?  Nature does this on purpose - you get so uncomfortable and so miserable and so hormonally nasty that you think, "I don't care if I'm worried about money or losing my freedom or having enough patience for three kids - IT WILL HAVE TO BE BETTER WHEN I'M NOT PREGNANT ANY MORE."

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