Thursday, October 17, 2013

Linvilla Orchards


Chloe: I really love Linvilla Orchards - I was thrilled when Mommy said we could go with the Phi Sigs and their kids... AND I just went yesterday with school, but that's a-whole-nother thing.  I wouldn't normally flaunt it in front of Amber because she'd get jealous, but I know she's distracted right now...
Amber (shyly): Hi, Ethan (blushes). 

Kyra: I don't know where we are.  But it's been all about me lately, so you go girls.
Amber: Thank you.  Anyway, I am a FOOL for a slide.  I will slide on anything.
Chloe: I prefer climbing, but more on that tomorrow.  One thing we definitely have in common...

Amber: A shared love of facepaint.
Chloe: And since we wore it for about 3 hours, it was definitely worth the $16 Mommy paid.
Amber: I agree.

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