Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Being Impetuous

Chloe: So, out of nowhere, Mommy just says, "let's go see Grams and Grampa on Saturday" and then we just went.
Amber: I know.  It was so cool - they are so close now we can be impetuous.  I love being impetuous.
Chloe: We had a great time.  We went to the church bazaar... where we got these masks...
Amber: ...And special presents for Mommy from the area set up where kids can buy presents for people for Christmas.
Chloe: Nothing was more than $1!!
Amber: Mommy does enjoy a good bargain, but she said to Grams, "Funny, I spent more than a dollar on their presents to you" and I'm not sure what that meant.
Chloe: Mommy can be cryptic... Anyway, we also went to Sonic for lunch (I LOVE SONIC).
Amber: We did more Christmas shopping at the mall where we pleaded with Mommy until she bought us a huge Rudolph and we rode the merry go round.

Chloe: I was surprised that Santa was already walking around, but I was not surprised when you hid from him.  You're gonna have to get over that.  Mommy's getting her picture "come hell or high water," she said.  Not that I know what that means.

Amber: I need a couple of weeks. 
Kyra: Well, get it together, Amber.  Buck up, little camper!  Suck it up, buttercup!
Amber: When did she get so mouthy?
Chloe: Seriously.  Two teeth and she thinks she can rule the world.

(playing hide and seek - Grams will never find us!)

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