Monday, January 13, 2014

Amber: The Art of the Dance

Amber: Finally, after years and years of waiting, finally!  It's my time.  You have to be three years old to get out of the wings and on to the dance floor and it's finally my turn!  Back it up, Chlo Chlo - I'm dancing here.

Mommy bought me all new dance clothes, new ballet slippers (BETTER ones than what Chloe had) AND a real ballet dancer bag.  With polka dots on it!

After I finally stopped crying and screaming for my Mommy, I was the best student.  Some of my contemporaries were running around the room or twirling when it was not time to be twirling.

My concentration was like a laser beam.

I was poised like a panther... a sponge, I soaked up every single instruction!

And during free dance time, I made this teacher twirl me.  I'm shy.

At the end, we gave ourselves hugs and said, "I am a beautiful dancer!" and then we got our stickers for being good listeners.
This was awesome!  Next week, we're going to try for less crying.  I can't wait!

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