Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kyra's Blessing

Kyra: The other day, we spent a lovely time outside and everyone said a bunch of things while I wore a very fancy dress.  My sisters did something about putting sand from one bottle to the other to represent the fact that we all influence each other's lives forever, but stay our own true selves as well. 
I'm not totally sure what that means. 
Mommy and Daddy promised to take good care of me and so did my godmothers, Samantha and PattyAnne.  Grams, Grampa, Mom-Mom, and Pop-Pop took turns reading a blessing to me.  A nice lady named Reverend Paula read a bunch of very sweet things about sisters and feeling the spirit of God in us at all times and then she made Sam and PattyAnne rub me with lavender. 
And then she poured water on my head.  I gave them all the stink eye, don't you worry about that.
Then, we all went out to eat!  It was very fun and here are some of my favorite photos from the day.
A note from Mommy: the nice thing about doing things in a non-traditional way is that everything is and feels intentional.  At the end of the day, Ed gave me a big hug and asked me if I'd had a nice day.  I heaved a big sigh of satisfaction and said, "I had a GREAT day."

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