Monday, September 7, 2009

Chloe post: Reporting in

Whew - what a busy day we had yesterday. I had lots of fun at the barbeque! No one would give me a hot dog, but I still had a good time. There were lots of kids and dogs. One big dog gave me a big kiss. Aunt Barb was afraid I would start to cry, but I just laughed!

I had a good time playing, too. Daddy was trying to teach me how to juggle my toys and I got to go on a couple of walks around the neighborhood.

It was nice to visit with so many people, too. Here I am with Uncle Darrell. He has a little girl named Gabi who was there, too. There were lots of people wanting to hold me and give me kisses. I was so happy! Today, we are going to Aunt Joanne's party - I will get lots more kisses, there - I can guarantee it!

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