Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chloe post: Swinging in the Park

I like swinging! Yesterday, Mommy took me to the park to test out the Baby Swings. It is so fun! At first, I was really confused and wouldn't put my feet in. I started getting really nervous, but finally Mommy sat me in the swing and pushed me. It is so cool! I could watch the other kids playing and feel the nice breeze on my face. And every time I got far away from Mommy, I just kept coming right on back again! It was really neat. I started to get tired, though, because it's hard work to stay upright when swinging back and forth.

So, then Mommy took me over to the Big Girl Swings. We sat together and Mommy did all the work while I rested. We did that for awhile and then Mommy pushed me home. Home, Jeeves! I was so exhausted after all that exercise that I took a really nice nap!

Today, I am playing nicely in my Pak n Play while Daddy sleeps and Mommy takes dictation. Later, we are going to Aunt Barb's and Uncle Chris's for a barbeque. They have two little boys and one of those strange dog animals, so it should be a fun afternoon. And tomorrow, we are going to Aunt Joanne's 50th birthday party at the pool. I love the pool!

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