Monday, July 19, 2010

Chloe Post: "I Partied with Chuck E"

Mommy and Daddy have been sleeping downstairs on the pull out couch for weeks now. Daddy is fixing their bedroom and no one is allowed in until it's all finished. I've tried to get in there, but he's tricky. I have no idea what he's doing.

On Saturday morning, when I woke up, Mommy said that I was ready to set the world on fire! I was ready to G-O GO. Mommy thought I would watch Elmo quietly and let her go back to sleep with Daddy, but that didn't really work out as she hoped. Daddy was still sleeping and Mommy said it was too hot to play upstairs so I didn't know what she wanted to do.

She kept muttering, "Some place with air conditioner. Some place cheap... but definitely air conditioner..."

She looked on Daddy's computer for awhile and then said, "Ok, Chloe - let's go. Get in the car."

We drove for a little while and then we parked some place I have never been before. And we walked into some place I had never seen before. And when we got all the way inside, I said, "oh!" There were lots of lights and music and brightly colored things and Mommy said I could run around.

We got some money that Mommy said was not really money and then we plugged it into machines that did things. My favorite was Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift. Unfortunately, there is no photo of this because I had to sit on Mommy's lap while we played. She did the pedals and I steered. We crashed.
A lot.

Mommy said these types of things were made exactly for me. There were three cars like this, but I preferred this one because it was broken. I don't like it when they move. Also, this is Chuck E Cheese. I liked sitting with him. We took a break and Mommy took me into a room where another, much bigger Chuck E Cheese was singing songs on stage with his friends. It was so cool!

I did not like this ride AT ALL. I made Mommy get me off of it and then the ride yelled at her because we interrupted it mid-stream. I didn't care.

This photo illustrates Mommy being negligent and leaving me to my own devices whilst she won tickets playing Skee-Ball.

After we used all the fake-money, Mommy ordered me a little pizza for lunch. It was SO yummy! I ate a lot!! Then she bought me a balloon, which I clutched in my hand the whole ride home... even though I fell asleep. After my nap, Mommy set up my pool so I could play in the watey. What a great day!!!

P.S. from Mommy: At 9.30 in the morning, you have almost all of Chuck E Cheese to yourself. I paid $10 for 50 tokens which kept us busy for about 1.5 hours. I paid $7.75 for a small pizza and a drink which we shared for lunch. I paid $2.11 for a balloon.

$20 for 2 hours of air conditioned fun equaling a kid who was so tired that she slept the whole way home, slept thru me getting her out of the car, into the house, up the steps, out of her shoes, into her crib and stayed asleep for almost 2.5 hours.

I heart Chuck E Cheese.


Anonymous said...

i have seen ed make that EXACT face (on the 'ride') before.

grams said...

Hey Chloe...looks like a REAL funtime at the Chuck E.Cheese time you come to the woods we can go to the Chuckster in Asheville! Kisses to my girl xoxox