Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Aunt Rachel and Mommy Want the Gun Loopholes CLOSED

So yesterday, after dealing with an icky dental appointment (pregnancy gingivitis can eat it), I happened to catch this headline in the Metro: "Lousy gun permit loophole now in DA's sights." The article explained that people who have been denied the right to own a gun in PA (due to past bad behavior) are able to easily get a gun thru a "Florida loophole."


I don't like guns in general, but I very much respect the notion that deciding on gun laws should be done as a community - i.e. I see this as a state issue... therefore, I could not understand why one state would allow criminals to circumvent the laws of their home state. In typical Heather fashion, I immediately took to the interwebs to tell everyone how much this annoys me.

In typical Aunt Rachel (my friend) fashion, she picked up the ball and ran with it... in addition to contacting current candidates in Florida to find out what they would do about this issue, she wrote a kick ass blog post about it.

Please note that I do not believe that PA is without responsibility here - our AG needs to aggressively go after this loophole and shut it down. He's awfully busy running for Gov, though. Guess I won't be voting for him. Shocker.

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