Monday, September 27, 2010


Many of you have been asking for updates on our bedroom - given Ed's incredible hard work and the fact that I mentioned that furniture was delivered last week.  First, you have to see what we started with (keep in mind that this was taken on inspection day - so the horrible linens aren't ours).

You can't tell in this photo, but on the three non-dark blue walls, there was wallpaper - badly stained cream (once white?) paper with tiny blue flowers.  Gag.

You also can't tell from this the horrible condition of the carpet.  It was mega gross.  Gag.

And you can't tell about the incredible water damage and missing window sill from behind the radiator cover.  Grr.

Also, you can't see how the floors under the carpet have been sanded so many times that now if you wanted to sand and strip them, you (meaning Ed) would have to sand BY HAND because the floors are too thin for a sanding machine.  Grr.

Plus, you don't know that the wallpaper was adhered directly to the dry wall, meaning that once you get it off, you (meaning Ed) then have to repair the damage and sand the excess and well, you get the idea.  GRR.

We won't even discuss the way he glued the broken a/c unit into the hole he cut into the side of the house in lieu of using a window unit.  GRR!  GRR!

Safe to say that if we ever meet this guy in a dark alley, he should be wearing a cup.


Ed worked his buns off to get rid off all the aforementioned ugliness and safety issues.  We now have stripped and stained hard wood floors that match nicely with our Hadley collection furniture from Raymour and Flanigan paired with beautifully painted walls in Martha Stewart's Twilight color

He did an awesome job and he gave up a ton of spare time to get all this done in just three short months.

Our bed is on the formerly dark blue wall.  I just found great artwork yesterday that will be hung above!

I will confess that I wasn't sold on these lamps until I saw it on my nightstand.  Now, I think it's perfect!

This is Ed's chest for all his clothes.

And this is mine!

This is our area carpet.

I'm sorry for the bad lighting in these photos - enhanced lighting is part of the long-term plan.  We also have to buy a new a/c (Ed did a great job with Chris's help to seal up the hole, but it's temp), finish the touchup paint on some trim and order the new radiator cover (which will match our furniture)!

But, who cares? We have such a tranquil room now and Chloe LOVES being in there with us - she loves snuggling on the bed with all the throw pillows and reading books.  We're having a blast!

Good job, Daddy!!!


grams said...

All I can say is WELL DONE ED!

vinobaby said...

Nice work! Looks very relaxing and soothing (which you need and deserve). And coincidentally, it looks a bit like my bedroom--almost the same wall color and dark furniture. What good taste you have...

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT job, Ed. And to you, HJ, for your decorating skills. More photos, including art, please. I had a question but now I forgot it.

Radiator cover said...

Great work , i really appreciate your creativity.