Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chloe Post: The Last Weekend at the Pool

Labor Day Weekend was our last opportunity for swimming in the pool! Mommy and I were so sad about the end of summer. Well, I was. Mommy said something about her feet swelling and the bedroom getting done and maternity leave, but I didn't catch the whole thing.

Anyway, Mommy let me swim in the big watey with Kate until my lips turned purple and I started shaking. Then, she made me stop. Which is stupid.
If you exercise, you warm up, Mommy. Medicinal fact.

Anyway. Aunt Patty wrapped me up like a baby burrito, but even when my lips resumed normal color, Mommy said I was done with the watey. But, that was ok. By the time Kate had to go back to work, Sam showed up and we colored and ate snacks and I made her chase me so I couldn't fall in the deep end. Heh. Keep running, Sam.

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