Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chloe Post: Halloween Part 2: StoryBook Land

On Saturday, Mommy and Daddy took me trick or treating at StoryBook Land! How cool is that?! StoryBook Land is full of rides that are just perfect for me and they had a lot of trick or treats... most of which were cool toys!

Mommy's costume had this cool hat - she let me play with it while Daddy was still "getting ready" (which means "waking up").

Here's Mommy! She and Amber dressed up as witches!!

I got my first trick or treat from Mrs. Claus at Santa's house. I was not clear on this whole practice at all, but there was an older girl in front of me who was too afraid to even say "trick or treat" much less sit on her lap. Mommy said that I needed to be really nice to Mrs. Claus because Santa might be watching and it's just good to be polite anyway. So, I tried to keep my anxiety on the inside. I said, "trick or treat" and when I got a nice toy, I said, "thank you."

Mommy and Daddy said Santa would be impressed.

Daddy and I were hiding from Mommy in this little igloo! Daddy had to bend down to get inside. He is so silly!

Once I was broken in to trick or treating with Mrs. Claus, I started to understand. You look for the orange sign and wait your turn in line and then say "trick or treat" and then say "thank you." If you do not do these things, Daddy does not let you have the treat.

(I have to say that not all children followed this policy and Daddy didn't say anything to them! Sigh. It's hard work being Daddy's Good Girl.)

But, it's worth it! Daddy took me on all the rides! When you ride a ride at SBL, a metal bar comes down to protect you, so Mommy couldn't ride anything except for two rides. Amber was in the way! This truck ride was cool because Daddy and I got the very first truck in the line up. We won the race!

I'm deceptively calm here, but this ride was a little upsetting. Daddy liked it, but I wish someone had warned me that it went back and forth AND side to side.

Can you see those goats up there? They are so silly. They eat their food out of a bucket on a string. Mommy got some food and put it in the bucket and the goat and Mommy worked together to move the string to get the bucket up there. Silly goats!

Mommy said that she and Uncle Josh fed the goats that way when they came to SBL with their Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop a very long time ago.

Mommy has a picture in a photo album of this maze and she said that the little kids in the photo are her and Uncle Josh. I don't believe her. That's a trick.

Periodically along the way, I liked to stop and assess the status of my treat bag... and I always came up smiling!

What a great day!!


Anonymous said...

I luurrrrvvvveeeee your (& Amber's) t-shirt for Halloween! It's one of the most adorable things I've ever seen! Much love, Jen x

Heather and Ed and Chloe said...

CafePress, man - they have EVERYTHING.

Heather and Ed and Chloe said...

I also loved this, but didn't want to pay $50.

I didn't see this iron on version until after Halloween:

Anonymous said...

They're cute - but I think I like the little witch the best! Jen x