Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Chloe: Yay! It's Thanksgiving!!

Amber: Remind me again what this one is about?

Chloe: We go to Aunt Diane and Uncle John's house to celebrate --

Amber (interrupting): They have scary cats there.

Chloe: Well, you'll have to get over it if you want to enjoy Thanksgiving... you don't want to miss pumpkin velvet soup and turkey and stuffing and creamed corn and CRANBERRY SAUCE and pie!


Chloe: There's also something about pilgrims.

Daddy: Are you ready for your first Thanksgiving, Amber?

Amber: Open up that pumpkin lid, Daddy. I want what's inside. Do it. Do it now.

Chloe: Thank you for making cranberry sauce, Aunt Diane. I love you. You're the best friend ever.

Amber: Thank you for making EVERYTHING, Aunt Diane! I finally mastered the sign for "more."

1 comment:

Mimi said...

I love cranberry sauce too ;) Good job on mastering "More"