Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Party Captions by Chloe and Amber

 Chloe: We had such a wonderful time at the birthday party for baby Sophia on Saturday!  Her mommy, Miss Brenda, had games and toys and tons of snacks.  It was really terrific!

Amber: It sure was -- did you see the tower of desserts?

Chloe: I was busy with the water slide.

Amber: Yeah, it was all super cool.  Read on for some of our captions from our favorite photos of the day.

 "Love Spurned"

Amber: I love this kid.  That is why I chased him around the party and showed my affection in the best possible way: I offered him yummy things to eat.  He spurned my hot dog, my cupcake and my juice box.  I will fight the desire to dive into a bowl of Ben & Jerry's and turn on a chick flick.

 "Slip-Slidin' Away"

Chloe: This was freakin' awesome.  I want one of these down our stairs at home.

 "Bold Move"

Chloe: I.am.going.to.get.Daddy.

 "Don't You Do It"

Chloe: Watch me.

 "Oh, it's On."

Mommy: Chloe, RUN.

"Too Late."

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