Thursday, August 16, 2012

To Swim or Not to Swim...

 Amber: Back in the wagon!

Chloe: Yup - this is my favorite place to be - Aunt Diane and Uncle John's beach house!  Bring on the beach!

 Amber: MUSH, huskies!

 Amber: I want the toys only when you are holding them and I am not afraid to steal, fight and kick to get what I want.

Chloe: Sigh.  That kid.

 Chloe: No matter.  I will play in the water with Daddy. I love the ocean!!!

 Amber (sniffling): I do NOT.

Chloe: Oh, get over yourself.  And everyone else, stay tuned to tomorrow's blog post for more photos of last week's trip to the shore!

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