Thursday, July 5, 2012


 Amber: Ducks are the best animals ev-ah.  In fact, when I see any bird, I quack at it because I know it wishes that it were a duck.  I love tiny rubber duckies for the bath tub, my big Duck that Mommy got at the Please Touch Museum and now I love my water play cover up which allows me to BE.A.DUCK.


This is SO ME that Princess doesn't even try to steal it.  It just screams, "AMBER."

I rule.

 Amber: One thing I should mention is that unlike ducks, I cannot fly... which explains the shiner, scratched nose and bitten lip I sustained whilst* jumping on the bed.



Chloe: Whilst?

Amber: This is my post; I'll say what I want.  Besides, Mommy isn't the only literary one.

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