Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reporting in from the Please Touch Museum

 Chloe: Next up on our adventures with Grams and Grampa was an outing to the Please Touch Museum.

 Amber: I can't believe how much stuff we saw that we didn't see last time!  We got to do grocery shopping...

 Chloe: We took care of babies at Children's Hospital... we went in this huge train room...

 Amber: Plus, we saw some of the other favorites from last time like the fairy tale area.

 Amber: This boat was cool because it went up and down when I turned the steering wheel.

Chloe: I didn't like that part.

Amber: Wuss.

 Chloe (glares).

 Chloe: I also really liked riding this horse which I named Maximus. 

Amber: I didn't dig this at.all.

Chloe: Wuss.

Amber (glares): No, I just agree with Daddy - we shouldn't have to pay extra for the carousel. I just sat with Grams in the little bench, getting dizzy, thinking about how dismayed our poor father would be to know that Mommy ponied up (see what I did there) the six bucks for us to ride this carousel.

Chloe: Daddy kiss up.

Amber: Look, you want a piece of me?

Chloe: Oh, let's move on.  What else did you like?

Amber: Well, I think we both enjoyed the water exhibit again - I especially liked the ducks.  So, I was totally stoked when Mommy bought me this:

 Amber (reverently): It is the best duck I have ever seen in my life!  Grampa tried to "help" me by carrying it out to the car, but I was on to him.  I was like "back up, old man!"

Chloe: Did you say that?

Amber: No, but I gave him the glare.  He knew what I meant.

Chloe: I liked it when you flopped down in the middle of the parking lot to just stare at the duck in all its wonder.

Amber: It really is a beautiful duck... Sigh... What did you get?

Chloe: Tayta Head.  It's really cool.  They had a whole display of them there and I really liked the Spider-Man one but that one wasn't for sale so I got this one which is a girl like me.  It is so awesome.

Amber: You lost me at "tayta."  It's a what now?

Chloe: Tayta head.

Amber: It's like you are speaking a different language.  You know what I got?  A DUCK.  Easy to understand.  Clear to everyone.  Such a beautiful duck.

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